Learning Hub

We make medical education accessible and understandable for HCPs worldwide.

Our learning HUB is an innovative resource that empowers HCPs of diverse backgrounds and abilities to excel on their educational journey by introducing creative methods for engaging with independent educational programmes.

The learning HUB offers a wide range of features and resources that are carefully crafted to provide a seamless learning experience. With a commitment to inclusivity, the learning HUB welcomes HCPs from all over the globe and allows them to tailor their interactions with high-quality, informative, educational materials.


  • Content tailored to track specialty, experience level and individual preferences

  • Flexible learning at an individual pace

  • AI-generated suggestions for additional online resources


  • High-contrast mode

  • Adaptive fonts and sizing

  • Color adaptation

  • Text-to-speech generation

  • Auto-captions

  • Offline access

  • Multilingual support

  • Community support from peers


  • Gamified elements, leaderboards and rewards

  • Multimedia formats

  • Social integration through newsfeed, comments and chat functions


  • Progress tracking and personalised recommendations for further study

  • User feedback to help the HUB to continually improve

  • GAUGE assesses the impact of educational content on clinical practice